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I was a huge fan of otterbox until i purchased a phone for my son. We left thr store with the S7 is the otterbix case. The next morning there was a crack on the screen(lower left) later that day a crack in the upper right corner. I called sprint they are not responsible and directed me to use the insurance ($200) for a phone that was 24 hours old. Samsung said it sounded like stress cracks(no assistance). Otterbox can provide no assistance... Read more

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I had an issue with the holster breaking at the spring loaded clip on the bottom of the holster. Received a tracking number from Fedex that said that it was coming Fedex, which is good. Then the shipment was transferred to USPS which is not good. The tracking number said that the Item had been delivered, which it had not been delivered to me. When I called Otterbox about it they say that the Item had been delivered to USPS, not me and it will... Read more

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i placed an order with Otterbox. The next day Otterbox sent an email confirming the order had shipped but it never arrived. Trying to find a contact email for customer services was a joke as their website sends you round the houses and back to square one. I finally found a customer services email and I received an automated message but apart from that they have never responded and I have lost faith in this company. I just wish I had... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 05
  • #895372

The case sucks, and phone was ruined

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This shell makes a huge cave around the MIC. With SPEAKER enabled, my voice is inaudible. Is this a design flaw? I dunno how to resolve it. Who can help me? I find it hard to believe that I am the only sucker who bought a poorly designed iPhone 6+ DEFender shell that no one can hear me on. Where can I get a replacement for this ugly bad shell? I used to love OBox but now Im not so sure. Anyone can help me on this? thanks for your time. i look... Read more

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Lifeproof doesn't live up to the name or their excellent customer service claims. Leaked water into my new phone. Customer service to claim the incident for replacement through their protection plan, has taken over 10 frustrating calls, hours on hold, $50 fee, the wrong phone & case sent after two weeks, now nearly 3 weeks was yelled at by a supervisor who didn't apologize but hung up on me when I asked for her name and her supervisor.... Oh and... Read more

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I have warranty on my otter box case one 3 weeks ago I apply for my warranty I pay 4.99 for shipping when I get it lest of one week the shield glass is cracked I call and they send me another one two week later I saw the new shield is crack in the same area of the other one I call for claiming about this situation and know the want to me pay the shipping again when the product is defective

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 23
  • #887440

Not only did the product break after a month it did not protect my phone from major screen damage from a fall of less then 1ft.

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I am very disappointed in the otterbox. They claim they are one of the best to protect iPhone screens. This is the second time the iPhone screen 5C has broken with an otterbox. They do not protect the screen. The iPhone had a second glass screen and a plastic screen protecting the screen. It still broke from a 2 foot fall to the driveway. I am very disappointed in the way Otterbox claims they have the best cases, but they do not. I spent... Read more

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Bought a $59.99 Otterbox with Alpha "***" glass to protect my S7. Worst decision ever. They put a tiny little sticky in the corners only, which lasted 2.5 months. They didn't magnetize the plastic nor round the edges and that allows a lot of 'pocket debris' to get under the protector. Now they want me to pay $4.99 'handling fee' for the Warranty and another 2.5 months of *** under the screen protector - heck no. That averages to $30 just to... Read more

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