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  • From mobile
  • 7 hours ago
  • #969229

I have a 6s otter box and I dropped my phone off my lap on my wooden floors and it did not do the job I picked it up and my screen has a long crack across the screen I'm so sad I'm still paying for a cracked phone at us cellar

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Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell Phone Case Review
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We have had several epic fails with otterbox but we got the new samsung galaxy s7 for my husband on black friday. They didnt have any lifeproof cases in so we got an otterbox for the week or so til our lifeproof could be shipped. The phone glass did not survive the week it has cracking where the otterbox sits on the glass. We now have to replace the screen on a brand new phone! Because of how the otterbox fits. It is a terrible case. It has done... Read more

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Dropped my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone one time, and it shattered. So much for drop protection. Now I'm out all the money I spent on this phone, and can't afford to replace it. Never buying an otterbox again.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 19
  • #958113

Dropped my phone three times in a year. All three times it landed on the screen last one on a concrete floor. Thought it was too pricey but not anymore- no damage to my phone!

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I have had many Otter Box covers for various phones over the years they are pricey, but I need a good belt clip. I never knew about the warranty so if and when the belt clip would break (due to my abuse) I would just buy a new one. Recently I was told Otter Box warranty covers any breakage. Fast forward to today my belt clip broke from no abuse just sitting in a chair so I called customer service and the young lady I spoke with could not have... Read more

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Had my case for a few years and I call in to replace after it has broken in multiple places during the last few months.They do not have the case anymore because I am using an older phone. Otter box company is happy to take your money when you wanted a quality life time warranty but when it comes time to for fill that duty they have changed their policy and "do not have it in stock anymore" what a load of *** They made a ton of money off ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 07
  • #950963

1 week with the detender and i brushed up against a table and shattered the camera on a new 7s .thats why sprint and verizon recomend the otter they are getting rich off of all the broken phones.i thing they are allworking together.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 25
  • #943113

My phone fell off of the arm of my couch on to the carpet and my phone screen cracked down the middle. I will never buy an otterbox again!

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I am a huge fan! I left my cell phone on the roof of my son's car while strapping granddaughter in her car seat. (***!) As we drove down the road at about 40 mph we heard a load bang. It took a couple of seconds to register that it was my Galaxy Note 3 hitting the trunk as it continued its plunge onto the road...directly in the path of cars behind us. My son pulled over and ran back to see if he could retrieve it. Lo and behold! damage... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 05
  • #931691

Just received my new otter box for 5s. Why change the desgin! I had no complaints with the old one but the new desgin doesn't have the rubber seal on the main face button and lets dust in under the case and scratches the ph screen. Thin rubber strip on bottom catchers on ur thumb and will soon stretch and become a week spot. Rubbish design! Change it back! Matt

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