My husband purchased two Otterbox cases from Otterbox website, one for him and one for me on Wednesday morning before work, 10 a.m. We paid for an overnight shipping. Today is Saturday afternoon, product is not here! I called twice and each time the agents kept repeating to me that once the order is made it still takes up to 48-72 hours to process. The second time I called and finally asked to speak to the supervisor, he still said the same thing to me and said that at this point, there is nothing he can do for us! He also said that FedEx doesn't work on the weekends, which quite frankly I didn't care.

I wasn't looking to get any discounts or freebies, I simply want our cases to be here today. We are very upset and wanted our overnight shipping money back!

What would be the point to pay a lot extra for an overnight shipping and not able to get it the next day or two even?

We have ordered products from other companies and paid for an overnight shipping and delivered as promised/paid for, not like Otterbox company.

If this is how they do their business, they can count us out as customers. We will not support a business that doesn't quite stand for what they provide!

Please be aware!

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