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When I use the word "replace" I have in mind receiving something that can actually work for my GS4, as distinct from "replacing" this worthless junk OtterBox screen cover with more worthless OtterBox junk. OtterBox has refused to replace the "Commuter" model I bought - which has a defective screen cover out of the box - with a similar model having a screen cover that (a) covers the screen and (b) doesn't tear apart within 3 days of normal, low-impact use. I offered to pay any difference in their cost or in their suggested retail price for the better model. It turns out that they have 2 better models, both having model names that call attention to the screen cover as if to say, "If you want an acceptable screen cover you need to buy one of these." The sales person told me that their policy forbids such a replacement arrangement; all they will do is send me two new screen covers for the Commuter, that is of course after I jump through all their ridiculous hoops involving photos, block writing on white paper, etc. Probably I should feel grateful that he didn't say they would send 3 of them. When I'm done ranting here I'll look into filing a complaint with BBB.

In a situation like this my first inclination is to do everything possible to resolve it with the vendor/mfg support staff. In this case it was made clear to me that no matter whom I talk to in their organization, the answer would not vary. The support person suggested I could try posting on their blog site to get attention placed on my issue. Tonight I looked at their blog site; it's stocked with fanboy rave testimonials and corporate propaganda - no hint of any kind of issue.

For completeness, here is what I mean by "defective" and "worthless": The screen cover supplied with the Commuter is so thin and frail that it's (a) practically impossible to align properly, which guarantees bubbles and (b) prone to rapid decomposition while impairing the user's view and not really providing much protection for the screen. Above I mentioned 3 days; that's how long it took for me to realize this wasn't going to work out. I actually kept the cover on for about 3 weeks, until the tearing and bubbling made viewing literally impossible. The photo shows just the screen cover after being removed from the assembly and left in an empty cig pack for about a week. My GS4's screen now has a huge pit in the location being "protected" by the larger hole toward the left. (It seems that I have no control over how much of the image I uploaded gets displayed on this site.)

For me, an acceptable solution would be for Otterbox to send me one of their two better models with a decent screen cover (thicker than this one or tougher material or both), and charge my card for whatever symbolic amount they want for the difference in price. Chicken feed compared with the Samsung screen that's now permanently damaged.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Send me one of your two better models for the GS4 - the ones with names that remind us of a screen cover that works..

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