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I have a cast on because I had surgery 2 weeks ago well a little less than two weeks ago and I was walking into my house and I had stuff in my hand I was by myself and it was early in the morning it was dark out so I was trying to hurry up and get inside and I was trying to get the keys out of my pocket and my phone slipped out of my hand but I have an OtterBox which is supposed to protect my screen and it didn't my phone screen cracked now I have to pay $150 to replace it luckily I have insurance if I didn't then I would have to pay full price for a new phone I think OtterBox should cover my copay and pay or reimburse me $150 and if they don't I will make sure to broadcast it on Facebook and everywhere else to not buy their product because they should standby their product and it's not just me that suffers with this problem there is many people out there that are going through the same problem so OtterBox I say to you stand up and fix what needs to be fixed and help your client or you're going to lose me and my family as customers and we spend a lot of money on OtterBox products. I really like your guyses stuff but please help the people including myself that have the cracked screens because it says on your paperwork that you guys stand by your products so please stand by them and help us out because some people can't afford to lose that money thank you for hearing me out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cell Phone Case.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No the case is ***. Overpriced cheap ***.

Buy lifeproof or ballistic. If your phone doesn't crack on the first drop the rubber will stretch out quickly.

to Ryan #1396993

I deffinately agree there cases suck because the rubber stretches and the glass get all scratched .

For the money I paid for a defender case this kind of stuff should not happen to me or anyone else


you just got unlucky.

I've dropped my phone so many times down my staircase and I didn't get a single scratch on it.

Sorry that happened to you.

Your grammar could use some re-doing as well.


This is the longest sentence in English language history.

If you can afford the $150 case to begin with ...

why not simply get a cheaper one or make sure you don't drop it???? Accidents happen yes but why try to carry it with many bags in your hand?

to MrRelevant1 #1342868

Umm I didn't say it was $150 case I said that I had to pay my insurance company for my phone to be replaced because of the screen I'm not *** I wouldn't pay $150 for freaking phone case that is *** and as it says in there I don't live in the best of naborhoods so I don't like two be outside too long I had just gotten home from taking my fiance to work so please rethink what you're saying and read what I said before you make your comment because you have no idea what you're saying and you don't have to be mean about it.

to Anonymous #1347489

Exactly. It was clear regarding what was going to cost $150.

You want to be petty and say something about his grammar, maybe you should work on your reading/comprehension a bit.

That's not here nor there in regards to the issue that was brought up.

A Titan case and a good screen saver, I used a Zagg at that time to protect my screen. (It was the one that provided the most protection.) I dropped my S3 when I had it numerous times and I never had any issues.

I have an Otter Box Defender on my Note 4 now, it went on in the Verizon Store before I left. The pieces that keep the hard case together several have broken. When you put the soft piece on there are gaps around the phone where it doesn't fit securely. They have been there since it was placed on by Verizon.

I'm a nurse, so it's not like I'm outside, but it should of been better quality for the money. I will not be replacing it with another Otter Box. When I get my new phone, it will have a different case, especially since they have changed their warranty.

My daughter got a new phone got her birthday.

I will be putting tempered glass over the screen and someone gave her a Defender case as a gift. If it doesn't work with the tempered glass, I'll be returning the Otter Box.

A friend had an LGG5 with an Otter Box Defender on it. One drop it cracked the screen. The clip on the holster had already broken within 6 months of having the phone.

He replaced that phone under warranty. He works outside, not in an office so he got the case bc it was supposed to be sturdy, protect the phone from dust, dirt, or minor splashes that got on the phone. That is what we are supposed to be paying for, the rugged reliability. Needless to he has his 2nd replacement phone, but has ordered a different case.

Maybe they have gotten lazy or greedy and decreased the quality of the materials or such. I don't have that answer. But I would rather spend the money on a case that I know will protect my phones. Time to start searching for one that has the holster that is as good as my Titan was.

I like having a clip on case when I'm at work (the ER is busy & I have some Drs that I've known forever to call me directly or send me a text regarding a patient. Yes, the IT Dept has a way to secure them, since we can access our email,etc w/them.) I use the holster riding my horses, 4 wheelers, or doing things outside. I don't trust that it won't separate, so I put a rubber band around it just as an extra precaution when I'm riding 4 wheelers. The Titan I had, I still have it, and it's still in perfect condition after being dropped multiple times.

At that time I had an infant and moms tend to have our hands full at times. When you have a baby things happen. When you're working, or doing whatever things happen.

That's why we pay that kind of price for an Otter Box or a Titan, plus in that situation a really good screen protector. I'm protective of my things, I take care of them, they get cleaned a lot in the correct manner, therefore I expect the items I purchase to do what they say they will.

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