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I have always purchased ottrrbox for my phones. The price of the case has always been worth it for the protection of a very expensive phone.

I purchased a commuter case for my samsung s8. I was slightly sceptical because the raised edges are not as high as I had hoped and the screen apprears to be raised higher than the case. I also purchased a zagg glass shield for extra protection. My phone was laying on my lap while i was working in the back of an ambulance (I am an EMT) and as we were taking a corner, my phone fell off my lap onto the padded floor of the ambulance.

As this is a soft surface and less than a foot drop, I was not worried that the phone was broken, as the case has never failed me. When I picked up the phone, however, the top left corner of the sceeen was cracked. The glass is sharp and even with the screen protector, the glass pieces are falling out. The crack has gone an inch of so towards the middle of the screen.

I am very distraught about this, I have only had the phone for 3 weeks. As I said before, I have never broken a phone and am always vefy careful with them. I have insurance, however, there is a $225 deductable to fix it. That is ourtrageous!

I would like to think otterbox stands behind their cases and will help me out with my dillema as I am a long time buyer (and I always recommend otterbox to friends and cooworkers). Is there anything you can do to help me?

Review about: Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S8 Cell Phone Case.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm afraid they won't cover the expense of your damaged phone. They might feel sorry about that too but they would only replace your case after a $5 shipping charge. Other than that, nothing.

to Nob Ody #1342205

They did actually send me a defender for free, with no shipping. But I still have a broke screen :(

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